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Game Author Type
007 Goldeneye Michael Paton Shooter
3D South Park Platformer (Demo) Beamer Platformer
5 Kenny Deaths Matt Kennedy Miscellaneous
Abduction Beamer Platformer
After Darkness (Demo) Irrational Games (End) Adventure
Airsoft Capture the Flag Wormmaster Shooter
Alien Genocide Beamer Arcade
Alien Hunt Dave Shooter
Alone in the Park Ottoman Adventure
American Gladiators Nomad Sports
Americans Vs Bosnians Matt Kennedy Multiplayer
A Night in Mephisto's Lab John VM Platformer
Attack of the Fluffys Nick Nash Action
Attack of the Friggin' Furbys Hababaluga Beat 'Em Up
Austin Powers Back to the Shag Jamie Bailey Platformer
Avenging Kenny's Death Korobrown Software Compilation
Awesome-o Saves the World Ezezeta Games Adventure
Booktastic Matt Crosta Puzzle
Butters Extract RFI Arcade
Butters Pro Skating Beamer Sports
Butters Pro Skating 2 Beamer Sports
Butter's Quest (Demo) Assassin Adventure
Cartman Armageddon Jamie Bailey Platformer
Cartman Commando Nomad Shooter
Cartman Force Junkman Shooter
Cartman Force Arena Junkman Shooter
Cartman Goes Hunting TL Soft Shooter
Cartman Kong Country ML Productions Platformer
Cartman Leap Jamie Bailey Platformer
Cartman Loses Weight RFI Arcade
Cartman on a Skateboard Pontus Larsson Sports
Cartman Platformer (Demo) Makhmaltchi Platformer
Cartman Powers (Demo) Nick Locke Miscellaneous
Cartman Shooting Wormmaster Shooter
Cartman Vs World Brandon Arcade
Cartman World Christopher Cantey Miscellaneous
Cartman's Adventure Beamer Platformer
Cartman's Adventure 2 Beamer Platformer
Cartman's Adventure 3 Beamer Platformer
Cartman's Adventure 4 Beamer Platformer
Cartman's Adventure 3D (Beta) Beamer Platformer
Cartman's Authoritah Derek Long Platformer
Cartman's Game Sir Eatsalot Miscellaneous
Cartman's Great Adventure Mike Gurval Puzzle
Cartman's Prison Escape Jzayed Action
Cartman's Quest Eminem 2001eight Arcade
Cartman's V-Chip Escape JK Games Action
Cartman's V-Chip Escape 2 JK Games Action
Cartman's Wittle Kitty Treat Cow Arcade
Cartmans Adventure Happy Productions Micellaneous
Cartmanvania (Demo) The Dude Platformer
Cheesy Poof Club Paul Trillo Action
Cheesy Poof Club 2 (Demo) Paul Trillo Action
Cheesy Poofs Matt Crosta Arcade
Cheesy South Park Copyware Inc Miscellaneous
Chef Evil Keneivil Nomad Sports
Chef's Field Goal Challenge Brandon Sports
Christmas Timmy (Beta) Beamer Platformer
Cocktails RFI Arcade
Coldburn (Demo) Prism Platformer
Come on Down to South Park Beamer Miscellaneous
Commander Stan Stanster Platformer
Commander Stan 2 Wendy's Revenge Stanster Platformer
Commander Stan 2.5 (Demo) Stanster & Junkman Platformer
Commander Stan 3 (Demo) Stanster & Junkman Platformer
Commander Stan 3 Ep. 1 Stanster & Junkman Platformer
Cops Richard Hendrix Adventure
Corporal Cartman Subwoofer Shooter
Criminal Cartman Beamer Action
Cyborg Kenny Beamer Action
Dance Kenny Dance Beamer Arcade
Deputy Cartman Brian Tosca Action
Dino Crisis in South Park (Demo) LeighM Platformer
Dodgem Kyle Beamer Arcade
Dominating Dodgeball Nomad Sports
Don't Kill Kenny Paul Smith Shooter
Don't Kill Kenny 2 Paul Smith Shooter
Escape the Jungle Beamer Action
Evil Parallel Universe Matthew Bayne Platformer
Fantasy South Park Beamer RPG
Farteroids Lee Ashcroft Arcade
Faster or Kenny is Dead Kovamasa Racing
Feed Starvin' Marvin' Matt Crosta Arcade
Final Park Kain X RPG
Friendly Fire (Demo) Lord Prism Platformer
Frogger Matt Crosta Arcade
Frosty's Revenge Junkman Platformer
General Cartman Beamer Shooter
Golden Fatass RFI Action
Grenade Fishin' Ryan Smith Shooter
Guns Girls 'n' Drugs Scott Holmes Miscellaneous
Halloween '99 Scott Ewart Miscellaneous
Halloween Kyle (Demo) Scott Ewart Platformer
Hell on Earth (Demo) Stanster Shooter
Hell's Balls Sheila Na Gig Arcade
House of the Dead in South Park RFI Shooter
How Do You Want Kenny 2 Die Damit Miscellaneous
Hungry Wormmaster Arcade
Huntin' & Killin' Matt Crosta Shooter
I Hate Hapy Produtins Tuninki Miscellaneous
I Hate Hapy Produtins 2 Tuninki Miscellaneous
I Hate Hapy Produtins Gayme Kolektion Tuninki Miscellaneous
Independence Day (Demo) Andrew Rumney Arcade
Jungle Mayhem Jzayed & Rodrinator Puzzle
Kennyboarder (Demo) Beamer Sports
Kenny Boardin' Scott Holmes Sports
Kenny's Deathmatch Zpeef Shooter
Kenny's Island 2 Fleming Games Platformer
Kenny Attack Beamer Arcade
Kenny Kart Polygon Racing
Kenny Kong Racing Garret Yeager Racing
Kenny Maths Rumney Educational
Kenny Puzzler Junkman Puzzle
Kenny Puzzler 2: Fatass War Junkman Puzzle
Kenny Raiders Josh King Platformer
Kenny Theft Auto Scott Ewart Action
Kenny vs Death Junkman Platformer
Kenny's Adventure (Demo) Brandon Hodge RPG
Kenny's Adventure Brandon Hodge RPG
Kenny's Last Stand Dowdy Platformer
Kenny's Madventure (Demo) Wormmaster Platformer
Kenny's Quest 1 Link Platformer
Kenny's Quest 2 Link Platformer
Kenny's Quest Matthew Bayne RPG
Kenny's Rampage Matt Kennedy Shooter
Kenny's Rampage 2 Matt Kennedy Shooter
Kenny's Rampage 4 Kyle's Journey Matthias Eriksson Shooter
Kenny Man X ML Productions Platformer
Kennys Polygon Arcade
Kennys 2 Polygon Arcade
Kid Kombat JK Games Fighting
Kill Bloodbird King of Darkness Miscellaneous
Kill the Cartmans Beamer Arcade
Killing Spree Klaptrapx Shooter
Kyle vs Ailiuns Happy Productins Miscellaneous
Kyle's Adventure Scott Ewart Adventure
Kyle's Bogus Journey (Demo) IngramJ Platformer
Kyle's Escape (Beta) Beamer Action
Kyle's Pissed Scott Holmes Shooter
Kyle's Xmas Quest King of Darkness Platformer
Legend of Kelda Gescholpen Adventure
Legend of Wendy Ocarina of South Park (Demo) Dunny2 Adventure
Lemmiwinks Unleashed (Demo) Beamer Platformer
Lost in Space (Demo) Richard Hendrix Shooter
Lost Poofs Scott Mahoney Shooter
Mad Volcano Matt Crosta Arcade
Mega Cartman Richard Hendrix Platformer
Megakid X JK Games Platformer
Megakid X2 JK Games Platformer
Megakid X3 JK Games Platformer
Megaman South Park X Kroniclez Platformer
Megaman South Park X2 (Demo) Kronicles Platformer
Metal Gear Park (Demo) Collin Joyce Stealth
Metal Gear Park ML Productions Stealth
Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka Matt Crosta Shooter
Moorhuhn Kenny Witan Entertainment Shooter
Mortal Kombat South Park Jared Woods Fighting
Mother's Day Rodrinator Compilation
Mr Hankey Saves Christmas Matt Crosta Arcade
Mr Mackey Buys Pants Beamer Miscellaneous
Mr Hat 8 Ball Matt Crosta Miscellaneous
Mutant Kennys Attack Tuninki Miscellaneous
Mystery Beamer Puzzle
Navigating Kenny Beamer Puzzle
North Park vs South Park Matt Crosta Platformer
Old South Park (Demo) Beamer Action
Pac-Stan Beamer Arcade
Paper Cartman (Demo) RFI Adventure
Park Life RCE Action
Park Wars (Demo) Alexo Spoofs Adventure
Parody Game Series 1: Planet of Farmans Tuninki Miscellaneous
Perfect Park Kain X Multiplayer
Perfect Park Multiplayer Kain X Multiplayer
Phrase Phrenzy Brandon Puzzle
Pinkeye Andrew Rumney Arcade
Pinkeye 007 Kain X Multiplayer
Pinkeye 007 Multiplayer Expansion Pack Kain X Multiplayer
Pinkeye Pinball Table Andrew Rumney Arcade
Pipio Bros Scott Holmes Platformer
Planet of Cartmans Junkman Platformer
Planet of Cartmans 2 Junkman Platformer
Planet of Cartmans 2 April Fools Junkman Miscellaneous
Poof Wars Matt Crosta Shooter
Protect Mr. Hankey Beamer Shooter
Quastroids Matt Crosta Arcade
Rainbow Six (Demo) Collin Joyce Action
Rainbow Snipez Zeno Shooter
Renegade Wendy (Beta) Beamer Platformer
Resident Park (Demo) Neil Crowley Arcade
Revenge of the Anal Probe Scott Holmes Miscellaneous
Robo-Cartman (Demo) Andrew Rumney Action
Robot Madness (Demo) Commander Kenny Action
S.T.A.N. (Demo) Nomad Action
Save Kenny Foundation Matt Crosta Compilation
Save South Park Junkman Action
Saving Private Kenny Matt Kennedy Shooter
Scream in South Park Subwoofer Beat 'Em Up
Serious Stan SPGMike Platformer
Shades of Violet (Demo) RFI Adventure
Shoot 'Em Up Matt Crosta Shooter
Silvereye 007 JK Games Action
Skateboard Stan Beamer Sports
Smurfs vs Kenny Paul Smith Arcade
Snowboarder Stan Brandon Sports
Snow Defenders Beamer Arcade
Snowman Massacre (Demo) Beamer Platformer
South Ball Z ML Productions Action
South Park Nomad Compilation
South Park 3D Nick Locke Shooter
South Park and the Magic Master Cartman434 Adventure
South Park Addiction Pack Matt Kennedy Compilation
South Park Adventure (Demo) Jeremy Gallen Action
South Park Air Hockey Matt Crosta Sports
South Park Anti-Terrorizing GSA_Ashley_Riot Shooter
South Park Arcade Polygon Arcade
South Park Arcade 2 Polygon Arcade
South Park Arcade 3 Polygon Arcade
South Park Arena Viper Multiplayer
South Park Army Collin Joyce Shooter
South Park Asteroid Bash Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Battleball Rodrinator Sports
South Park Blast Matt Kennedy Arcade
South Park BLU (Demo) Commander Kenny Action
South Park Boxing Kain X Fighting
South Park Breakout Ian Black Arcade
South Park Breakout 2 Ian Black Arcade
South Park Breakout Deluxe Link Arcade
South Park Carnival Canniengui Compilation
South Park Cartoon Maker Vince B Miscellaneous
South Park Christmas Rush Kroniclez Puzzle
South Park Classics Beamer Compilation
South Park Concentration Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Cows Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Cricket Brett Mahoney Sports
South Park Cross Country Run Matt Kennedy Sports
South Park Damien's Wrath Mark J. Hadley Arcade
South Park Derby Kain X Racing
South Park Destruction (Demo) Collin Joyce Stealth
South Park Dodgeball Matt Crosta Sports
South Park Downball Jzayed Sports
South Park Drinking Game Dave Compilation
South Park Drop Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Egg Scramble Brandon Puzzle
South Park Espionage Beamer Action
South Park Espionage 2 Beamer Action
South Park Espionage 3 (Demo) Beamer Action
South Park Fantasy BLUSPG RPG
South Park Fantasy 2 BLUSPG RPG
South Park Fantasy 3 Trailer BLUSPG RPG
South Park Final Destination (Demo) LeighM Action
South Park Fire Happy Productins Miscellaneous
South Park Fishin' Beamer Sports
South Park Fland Fish Beamer Miscellaneous
South Park Football Andrew Rumney Sports
South Park Football Nomad Sports
South Park Fruit Machine Function One Arcade
South Park Games RPG Evan Johnson RPG
South Park Gladiator Anders Moen Sports
South Park Go karts Jamie O'Brien Racing
South Park Gold Mark Hadley Compilation
South Park Golf Nomad Sports
South Park Halloween Evil (Demo) Evano Platformer
South Park Hang Time (Beta) NSPGames Sports
South Park Head-to-Head Fleming Games Miscellaneous
South Park Helicopter Bomber Beamer Arcade
South Park Ice Hockey Polygon Sports
South Park Invaders (Demo) Luke Bennet Arcade
South Park Invaders Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Invasion (Demo) King of Darkness Arcade
South Park Just Knock Me (Demo) Nick Nash Arcade
South Park Kennies an Asshole RFI Platformer
South Park Kerboom Matt Crosta Compilation
South Park Kick Boxing Kain X Sports
South Park Kids in Black Scott Holmes Arcade
South Park Lights Out Matt Crosta Puzzle
South Park Live a Live Rodrinator Action
South Park Mario (Demo) TheCreator Platformer
South Park Mario Matt Crosta Platformer
South Park Mastermind Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Metroid (Demo) Bunni Platformer
South Park Micro Kart (Beta) The Dude Racing
South Park Missionary IngramJ Action
South Park Monkeys Wolf Man Arcade
South Park Ninja Scott Mahoney Action
South Park Ninja 2 (Demo) Scott Mahoney Action
South Park Nitro Kickass Productions Fighting
South Park Olympics 2004: Athens Beamer Sports
South Park Omega Project Stanster Platformer
South Park Omega Project 2 (Demo) Stanster Platformer
South Park Paintball Evano Sports
South Park Party JK Games Compilation
South Park Pet JK Games Miscellaneous
South Park Pinball 2 (Demo) Andrew Rumney Arcade
South Park Plinko Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Point Block Beamer Arcade
South Park Poleice Patroll Happy Productins Miscellaneous
South Park Pong 3D Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Pong Attack Brandon Puzzle
South Park Pro-Racing Ben Plant Racing
South Park Puzzler Brandon Puzzle
South Park Rage Mark Hadley Compilation
South Park Robotron Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Rock Climbing Beamer Sport
South Park Rogue Squadron Fleming Games Shooter
South Park RPG ML Productions RPG
South Park Serial Killer (Demo) IngramJ Action
South Park Shoot Mark Hadley Shooter
South Park Sledding Brandon Sports
South Park Sliders Matt Crosta Puzzle
South Park Smash Beamer & Python Fighting
South Park Snake Brandon Arcade
South Park Snowboarding Nomad Sports
South Park Snowfight (Beta) Lord Prism Shooter
South Park Soccer Brett Mahoney Sports
South Park Soldiers Rodrinator Multiplayer
South Park Soldiers Air Attack Rodrinator Multiplayer
South Park Soldiers Snow Commando Rodrinator Platformer
South Park Splat Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Sports Scott Holmes Sports
South Park Starfighter King of Darkness Shooter
South Park Street Bash Nick Locke Beat 'Em Up
South Park Street Fight Dave Fighting
South Park Super Mario Bros Polygon Platformer
South Park Super Mario Bros 2 Polygon Platformer
South Park Super Mega Happy (April Fools) Beamer Miscellaneous
South Park Super Soccer Ian Black Sports
South Park Super Speedboats Matt Crosta Racing
South Park Surfing Joolsa Games Sports
South Park Taxi Driver Junkman Arcade
South Park Tekken (Trailer) Beamer Fighting
South Park Tetris Matt Crosta Arcade
South Park Tochi Evan Johnson Miscellaneous
South Park Trick or Treat Joe Dixon Action
South Park Trigger Happy SPGMike Multiplayer
South Park True Lies Chris Nolan Shooter
South Park Ultimate Battle Scott Ewart Adventure
South Park Ultimate Pinball 435 Gamz Arcade
South Park Ultra Mark Hadley Arcade
South Park vs Pokemon Stevo Arcade
South Park Wars Subwoofer Shooter
South Park Wars Ep. 1 Ezezeta Games Miscellaneous
South Park Whazzup Shooter Paul Smith Shooter
South Park Whodunnit Brett Mahoney Puzzle
South Park Wrestling (Demo) Nomad Fighting
South Park X-Men Beamer Fighting
South Park Y (SPY) Scott Ewart Stealth
South Park Y (SPY) 2 Scott Ewart Stealth
South Parkanoid Matt Crosta Arcade
South Pong Matt Crosta Arcade
South Prak End of Wurld Happy Productins Miscellaneous
South Throttle (Demo) SouthAmericanPark Racing
South Park Extreme Mark Hadley Compilation
Special Agent Kenny BLUSPG Shooter
Special Agent Kenny 2 (Beta) BLUSPG Shooter
Spire RFI & Jzayed Platformer
Stan Marsh Pro Skater (Demo) BLUSPG Sports
Stan Marsh Skateboarder Matt Kennedy Sports
Stan Pet Stanster Miscellaneous
Stan-versi OMS Puzzle
Stan the Zombie Slayer (Demo) Brett Mahoney Action
Stanimation's Gothic Rampage Stanimation Platformer
Super Blocky Stan Fighter (Demo) The Dude Platformer
Super South Park Pinball Beamer Arcade
Super South Park Trivia Beamer Miscellaneous
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kids Syndicate Interactive Beat 'Em Up
Terroristz (Demo) Satansoft/Dunny2 Shooter
The Cartman Game Collin Joyce Platformer
The Empire Sucks Ass Richard Hendrix Shooter
The Land of Stickmen Ep. 1 Wormmaster Platformer
The Land of Stickmen Ep.2 (Demo) Wormmaster Platformer
The Lost Kids Junkman Puzzle
The Maculty Jon Robson Shooter
The Worst South Park Game Ever Link Miscellaneous
Tic-Tac-Cartman Matt Crosta Puzzle
Touched RFI Compilation
Towelie (Demo) Beamer Platformer
Towelie's Nightmare (Demo) Tuninki Platformer
Tower of the Forsaken Jew 1987 RFI & Jzayed Platformer
Town of the Dead 2 (Demo) Infinity Beat 'Em Up
Trapper Keeper Beamer Arcade
Trapper Keeper Reloaded Beamer Arcade
Tribes of Parc Jon Robson Adventure
Tweek Andrew Rumney Arcade
Tweek 2 Andrew Rumney Arcade
Visitors Matt Crosta Shooter
Visual Mario Alaz Kratky Platformer
We Have to Save Ike (Demo) Nick Nash Platformer
Wendy in Space IngramJ Arcade
Wendy's Quest (Beta) Beamer Puzzle
Winpark ML Productions Stealth
Winpark 2 ML Productions Stealth
X-Factor (Demo) Jon Robson Stealth
XYZ Beamer Arcade
Y-Fire The Dude Shooter
Y-Fire Jungle Arena The Dude Shooter
Z@rch (Demo) Beamer Shooter
Zombie Blast JK Games Arcade
Zombie Blast 2 JK Games Arcade
Zombie Invaders (Demo) Beamer Shooter
Zombie Park Beamer Action
Zombies Ate South Park Unknown Arcade
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