Kenny's Rampage 2
Matt Kennedy

The sequel of the grandfather killing spree game. Taking place at the same time 
as the original, this game puts you in the shoes of Stan as he attempts to stop 
Kenny's killing spree. This sequel was notable for providing a story to a game 
that was essentially just violence at one point, and explains how the F.B.P.P. 
(Federal Bureau of Poor People) murdered Kenny's family, causing him to seek 
revenge. Despite the interesting plot, the main focus is still on gratuitous 
violence, so people who disliked the original aren't likely to warm to the series 
with this installment, either. However, like the original, it is an important 
title in the history of South Park Gaming.

Released in 2000, Kenny's Rampage has always been one of the favorites amongst the South Park Gaming community.  Despite it's flaws, aspiring young game makers never saw it as a bad game but recognized that it was the work of a 13 year old.  Kenny's Rampage 2 showed us what was possible if we were willing to put in the effort - despite our youth and lack of experience. 

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