An experimental game from RFI that has you facing over 40 different mini games back-to-back without breaks in-between. The mini games, although short and fairly simple in concept, are fun to play and quite challenging and addictive. Mini games range from "Smell Ze Flowers" and "Power Ze Lift" to "Invade Ze Americas" and "Murder Ze Victem," most of which are South Park related. All games use the mouse, with no need for the keyboard whatsoever.

"I was shopping at Target one day in 2008 when I saw a Nintendo DS on display.  I don't really play modern games so I can't say much about the DS but they had Wario Ware Touch on display.  One minute with this game was enough to inspire the game you see before you.  Having said that, I want to wish you an enjoyable time with this game."

Yours truly

Contrarian Douche RFI

Direct Download - 1.31MB
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June 19, 2008

This is a very unusual game from RFI, in which communists force you to play a series of very short, semi-South Park-related mini-games in a row without any breaks between, all of which require the mouse and only the mouse. Despite the difficulty of some of these games, this is definitely one of the best South Park games out there. It's fun, addictive, and incredibly fucked up [one game involves directing urine into a character's mouth, another is called "Frame Ze Black Man"]. RFI's unique visual style and disturbing quirkiness alone is enough reason to download this game. A must-have!

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