May 9, 2022

Six months since the last update! The joys of adulthood and a nostalgic community, eh? Not all bad though, we just found our good ol' pal Stanimation! ...Still no sign of Bunni though... With his return, I present to you another drunken livestream from May 7! Also, some new screenshots and broken links are being fixed as I speak. 'Til next time! ...Also, RFI has been tracking down Smacko who was last seen playing as a druid in Stormwind. Link to the Livestreams: Link to the Discord:

- IngramJ

December 16, 2021

Well would ya look at that? A whole 'nother year has gone by. Old friends and new ones have come to visit at the group Discord since none of us can communicate over the AIM these days. Added a handful of new games thanks to the help of our pals over at Kliktopia and the archivists at Still waiting for the day Beamer Games returns to take admin of this delightful service. Until then: Happy Holidays and Over n Out!


February 18, 2021

The Games listing of this wholesome website has been mostly finished now sporting a description and set of screenshots for each game. Please check it out. When you're done, come visit us in our delightful Discord community group. Many more things are in store here at SPG but without any particular time frame. Until then: Over n Out!


November 10, 2020

Welcome to the newest rendition of South Park Gaming, a historical project aimed at archiving all of the fan-made freeware parody games based on the Comedy Central television series South Park. The South Park Gaming community started around 1999 and lasted until 2009. We welcome members old and new.