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A lot of us were making videos back in the day.  Some of us are still making video.  And some of the videos aren't made by us at all but are relevant.  Here you'll find a listing of all those videos.

Junkman Plays Planet of Cartmans 2
January 2024

The creator of the game himself plays his own game and gives commentary 19 years later!

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South Park Lethal Weapon
Pasta Warlock

This was originally produced outside the scope of SPGtv in the year 2000 by RFI's brother Pasta Warlock.  It was not until years later RFI decided to submit it as an entry into SPGtv.  This was a fortunate move as it served to historically preserve what would have otherwise been lost.

Stan and Kyle play Detective Wriggs and Murtock from the Lethal Weapon movie series.  The plot begins to unravel as our detectives are instructed by Sergeant Kenny to investigate a counterfeit money-printing operation.  However, the bad guys are quickly on their tail.

Download MP4 - 3.44MB
Watch on Youtube - Lethal Weapon

South Park 3000 Season 3 Promo
March 2005

Beamer's promotion video for his upcoming South Park 3000 episodes.  This was done as an homage to his favorite television show Arrested Development.

Download - 1MB
Watch on Youtube - The Big Interview

The Thickest Sh*t 201
September 2006

By the end, you won't know if you're watching a quiz show, or a Michael Bay movie!

Download - 88.06MB
Watch on Youtube - The Thickest Sh*t

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