Cartman's Adventure 2

Deemed by many as the hardest game in the series, Cartman's Adventure 2 is the sequel to Beamer's hit platformer, which you can easily guess the name of. In this title, it turns out that Dr. Doom did not die in the first game after all - being Satan, he had the ability to send himself back to Earth, which he did, and he's up to his old tricks again. Luckily, a stranger by the name of Dr. Hope steps in - revealing Dr. Doom is his evil twin, and that Cartman will require his help if he ever wants to defeat him. 

Using the power of teleportation, Cartman must travel to 5 different worlds and collect a set of keys, which will open a mech, powerful enough to destroy Satan himself for good. Will Cartman succeed? Well... the game had 2 more installments after this, so the answer's obviously yes, but still, this classic South Park game is worth the rather large (for its time) download!

Direct Download - 1.31MB
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