In the era of South Park Gaming, the community came together to establish SPGTV, a collaboration of shows created in Clickteam software. Feel free to sit back, relax, and watch your favorite episodes available here. Some other stuff also included.

SPGtv 101 - July 2001

SPGamer Lee Ashcroft embraces the community aspect of South Park Gaming with "South Park Gaming television", a series of sketches and shows made by himself and other SPGamers parodying both South Park and events in the SPG community!

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SPGtv 102 - October 2001

In this second SPGtv instalment, old-time SPG veteran Nomad is interviewed, several "Guinless" World Records are broken, Kyle launches Cartman into a brickwall in Fatass Deceased, Lee has a run-in with the worst internet service provider of all time, and the boys learn the disgusting truth of 31st Century milk in South Park 3000!

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SPGtv 103 - December 2001

Dave hosts Jeopardy with Stanster, Andrew Rumney and Junkman as his unfortunate contestants, Cartman has a futuristic run-in with his arch-nemesis Junkman, Fatass features Cartman and Kyle launch each other out of shopping karts, Kenny diving into a kiddy-pool full of shit for $10 and Stan getting struck by lightning, a Merry Christmas from the boys, the next edition of Parkzai and finally an interview with Adam "Ry4" Parker!

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SPGtv 104 - April 2002

Stanster's girlfriend Jen is interviewed, we get to see all the best Parkzai has to offer, BLUSPG shows us what a fight between Special Agent Kenny and Kenny's Rampage might look like, BLUSPG members Joe and Oliver star in a crude Weakest Link parody, Stan is very lonely in the 31st Century and seeks time-travel to bring Wendy to the future, this instalment of Fatass features Cartman commiting indecent exposure infront of Junkman, Stan and Kyle and Kyle being cannonballed into Stark's Pond. We get treated to a documentary about Junkman's Mexican cousin Trashman, and Lee gives us a closing address.

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SPGtv 201 - August 2002

SP3000: In the 31st Century, Stan brings Wendy to the future, Beamer seemingly gives up on life and Stanster & Jen go on a cruise suspiciously similar to the Titanic

Assassin-Nation: Beamer's friend Assassin moves to a new neighbourhood, and makes efforts to fit in

South-Jam: Lee makes a SP parody of Channel 4 show "Jam"

Guin-Less World Records: Beamer gives us another series of SP characters breaking...or failing to break records in this second instalment

Kenny McCormick's Subway Munkey Special: JK Game's parody of The Tom Green show, featuring Kenny commiting antics on the streets of Japan!

The Beamer Show: Beamer does a one-to-one interview with Matt Kennedy

Public Service Announcement: Lee gives us an SPG style PSA on how not to be seen

Parkzai: Beamer takes over from Lee with this eventful instalment of Parkzai!

SPG Jeopardy: Dave hosts another episode of Jeopardy, with Stanster, Jen and Beamer as the contestants

SPMTV: Parkfather and Kurt Loader share with us music videos from Cartman and Timmy (ft. Lords of the Underworld)

SPG Challenge: Junkman hosts a quiz-show featuring tHEwHITEgUY, Trashman and America OnLine

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SPGtv 301 - July 2005

Beamer's Address to the Nation: Beamer addresses the 3 year hitaus and return of SPGtv, as well as his replacement of Lee as the host.

Sketch Park: Beamer & Junkman produce a group of...well, sketches about numerous SP characters, SPG members, and even a parody of the iconic Weebl & Bob web series.

South Park How To: Wormmaster teaches us some humurous ways to push Kenny McCormick off of a cliff!

Wheel of Misfortune: Stanimation hosts the epoynmous show, in which the contestant spins a wheel to inflict...well...misfortune, on the target. In this episode, Stan Marsh gets revenge on Wendy Testaburger for leaving him for Token!

South Park 3000: Everyone's favourite SPGtv show makes its glorious 2005 return. In this episode, Stanster replaces his assistant robot Quentin with a seemingly better model, Beamer's one-night-stand Anigav Devahs betrays him and usurps his Dungeon, while Stan's outdoor date with Wendy goes awry when he goes swimming in a toxic lake and must go to Amazonia to find the cure for his new Simpsonesque illness!

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SPGtv 302 - November 205

The Thickest Shit: IngramJ makes his SPGtv debut with a crude South Parkification of The Weakest Link. In this first episode, Anne Robinson has been sacked for annoyance, so Ingram's friend Matthew Waterhouse steps up the plate and takes the show in a much more lewd and aggressive direction, with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Wendy, Bebe, Red, Annie and Beamer as his guinea-pigs...I mean, contestants. Will the show run according to plan? Only watching will tell!

Spell: RFI brings us a taste of his "burning creativity" with a wacky stoned South Park music video of Darude - Sandstorm!

South Park Claymation: In this stunningly innovative show, Smacko and his mate ad8887 give us two claymations! In the first, Kenny gets a birthday cake with some unpleasant surprise, in the second, Cartman beats down an alien visitor for not respecting his authoritah!

The Happy Productins Madnuss Our: If his hilariously sucky games weren't funny enough for you, watch as Happy Productins debuts SPGtv with Kyle being sent to a "Nut Hose" for politically incorrect reasons!

South Park 3000: The gang all end-up going to California for a number of reasons: Stan, Wendy and Cartman book Kyle up for a dog-race, Beamer, who was heartbroken over Anigav's betrayal and had no success with a double-date Stanster set him up with instead pursues hot FOX News Anchor Laura Spence, and unfortunately, Dave gets diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Old Testiment: If Spell didn't satisfy your urge, RFI has a second-serving for you! In this surreal art-house show, Stan and Kyle wake up, having been screwed over by a youth group, and in their endeavours, decided to go on a crusade to destroy religion. Words alone cannot describe the wonders of The Old Testament!

South Park How To: In this instalment, learn three unique ways to kill Cartman! Ft. Junkman of course, and Counter-Strike references for some reason.

Sketch Park: Beamer & Junkman have some more gags lined up for us, including: Kenny parachuting into a volcano, Junkman performing some of his lesser tunes in front of an audience, and misadventures of SPG Never Ending Story character Gridman!

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SPGtv 303 - March 2006

South Park Doom Date: In a parody of Blind Date type shows, Commander Kenny hosts one such show, with Cartman as the bachelor, and Red, a pony (?!) and an unnamed Japanese lady as the unfortunate bachelorettes. Will it go according to plan, will Cartman find love! Watch and find out!

The Thickest Shit: With Matt Waterhouse having also bitten the dust as host at the end of the last episode, IngramJ himself takes up the reign of the tyrannical host, and turns the mayhem up to 11, with Tweek, Clyde, Craig, Token, Ike, Butters, BloodBird, Wormmaster and King of Darkness as his beleaguered contestants, and if you thought the last show ended disastrously, wait 'til you see what happens in this one, you'll question if it's quiz show or a Michael Bay movie by the end!

The Happy Productins Madnuss Our: Having been committed to the "Nut Hose" in the last episode, Kyle plans a jailbreak, but will "Patrolling Poleice" make it easy for him or not? Try and watch this without your brain leaking out of your nostrils.

South Park 3000: Cartman sadly goes outside after finally getting the hint nobody likes him, only to get caught up in intergalactic affairs with the same aliens that brought him to the 31st century in the first place. Meanwhile, Beamer's relationship with Laura is apparently so good he decides to marry her, and when Quentin goes missing, Stan and Wendy go to investigate.

Beamer's Closing Address: Beamer gives a closing speech to the end of SPGtv's 3rd Season, making sure to roast Lee Ashcroft and several other SPGamers along the way, whilst also expressing gratitude to everybody who contributed to making SPGtv's 3rd season what it is!

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SPGtv 401 - July 2006

South Park 3000: Continuing on immediately from the cliffhanger from 303, Beamer nonetheless rebuffs Anigav and she blows the wedding up; fortunately, 90% of the guests survive but go to the hospital; meanwhile, Stan & Wendy head off to investigate what happened to Quentin, Anigav's jealous warpath continues, and Cartman is stuck in the middle of two sides of a Galactic War!

SPG Survivor: In this take on the Survivor series, three trios of SPGamers (Stanimation/Beamer/IngramJ, Rodrinator/Bunni/Commander Kenny and Smacko/99% Master/King of Darkness) must take on several crazy challenges, and the losers may be put through grave trials, all whilst on a deserted jungle island!

The Happy Productins Madnuss Our: The not-so-thrilling conclusion to Happy Productins' show, sees Kyle continue his escape from the "Poleice" as they attempt to return him to the "Nut Hose" "becose he is Jewish"...or something.

South Park How To: Kenny shows us how it's done when it comes to robbing banks!

SPG Interviews: Rodrinator gives in-depth interviews to SPG bigshots IngramJ and Klaptrapx.

The Worm Show: In a similar vein to Sketch Park, Wormmaster presents a live-audience gag show of several SP characters and SPG members!

South Park Doom Date: The Blind Date parody continues with Beamer as the bachelor, and Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens and a 30-something lady named Amy as his unfortunate bachelorettes!

Stranded: Based on Lost, the SPG community go on a luxury cruise, until one day it scuttles on a dangerous island, and the community must do everything in their power to escape and survive the misadventure!

The Thickest Shit: IngramJ resumes his reign of terror as the disgruntled, angsty quiz-show host on the set still damaged from the Michael Bay-esque incident of the previous episode; this time, his guinea pig contests are Stanimation, Bunni, Smacko, StrawberryClock, the late Michael Jackson, Terrance, Phillip, disgraced SPGamer Mr. Hankey and IngramJ's infamous troll alter-ego, wingnutingyv7! As always, hedonistic chaos ensues, and it seems the chaos from the last episode may still haunt Ingram yet!

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SPGtv 402 - October 2006

South Park Stuff: Tuninki debuts SPGtv with this sketch show, in which Kenny doesn't die all the time, the kids drive on dangerous roads, and Cartman has a talk show!

Gridman's Quest: "SPG Neverending Story" OC Gridman heads out to discover the identity of his father!

South Park 3000: Stanimation & Bunni get fired when a fire burns the jungle down, and Beamer and Laura move in with them, causing some catfighting between the two gals. Meanwhile, the palace goes to code-red when the TV is stolen, and Junkman struggles to come to terms with his new disability.

RFI's Playhouse: Bitter about nobody in the community appreciating his talent or using his music compositions, RFI creates his very own "playhouse" - A Saw movie featuring SPGamers, that is!

South Park Doom Date: With the genders swapped this time, SPGamer Girl Cartmen_Killerz must choose between 99% Master, Junkman and King of Darkness, but as always, certain external incidents prevent things from going smoothly!

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SPGtv 403 - February 2007

Stranded: Rodrinator's "Lost" parody continues, in this episode, with one of the community members dead on the island, some amongst them decide the group should follow more brutal and authoritarian leadership to survive, however, this leads only to infighting, as the SPGamers aren't too happy about this plan; unfortunately, the infighting has nothing on what other surprises the island has in stock for them!

The SPG Asshole: This tongue-in-cheek Junkman show depicts a lonely, butthurt gamer, the eponymous Asshole failing at and roasting SPGs, in this case, Beamer's "Dodgem Kyle"!

South Park 3000: Stan & Wendy's attempt to replace Quentin's chip turns him rogue, and whilst Stanimation and Laura go to Mexico to cover a wrestling tournament, lonely Beamer starts to warm to Bunni; meanwhile, Cartman opts to leave the palace, and Junkman finds a new calling in life!

SPG Interviews: Rodrinator records an interview Beamer had with SPG bigshot Stanimation.

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SPGtv 404 - September 2007

Beamer's Final Address: Beamer angrily and comically announces his departure from running SPGtv and reasons for doing so - and also roasts IngramJ for failing to finish The Thickest Shit 201 in time.

SPGA Manor: Having lost interest in making Stranded, Rodrinator instead brings us SPGA Manor, in which SPGA's staff invite the community to a special mansion, but are their motives truly benign?

The Dead Zone: Inspired by RFI's Spell and The New Testament, Tuninki also tries his hand at creating a trippy and surreal SP music video!

South Park Lethal Weapon: RFI's friend Pasta Warlock honours this instalment of SPGtv with his South Park parody of lethal weapon, with Stan and Kyle in place of Lethal Weapon's protagonists!

The Worm Show: Continuing where the first one left off, this Worm Show features Cartman's endeavours to try and form a rock band, and also introduces us to Wormmaster's friend LoRD, who is reponsible for many of the ideas behind Wormmaster's work!

SPG Playtime: Due to his apparent reputation for being able to best any hard game, Junkman shows us his attempts at a playthrough of Beamer's "Lemmiwinks Unleashed", a game renowned for extreme challenge, and gives us great laughs at his frustrated expense!

South Park 3000: Stanster's royalty in the palace is threatened, when Junkman rivals him for king election. Meanwhile, Cartman tries unsuccessfully to get by in France, and Beamer digs up some scary skeletons in Laura's closet.

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Livestreams 'n' Playthroughs

In recent times, IngramJ took it upon himself to do official playthroughs and sometimes drunken livestreams of SPGs on his YouTube accounts (WonkyTonkBotty/WonkyGaming); these can be viewed below, along with the aforementioned channels. - WonkyTonkBotty - WonkyGaming

WonkyGaming Livestream #1

Join us as IngramJ plays and roasts Kenny's Rampage 4: Kyle's Journey, the unofficial tribute to the Matt Kennedy game series!

WonkyGaming Livestream #2

Join us as IngramJ plays Fantasy South Park, South Park Army, Pac-Stan and Come on Down to South Park!

WonkyGaming Livestream #3

Join us as IngramJ plays South Park Fantasy 1 and 2, South Ball Z, South Park Asteroid Bash, Quastroids, South Park Metroid, Grenade Fishin', "South Prak End of Wurld", South Park 3D, South Park Espionage, South Park Wrestling, Tribes of Parc, Corporal Cartman, Kenny Theft Auto, South Park Robotron, Robo-Cartman and then gets drunk enough to embarrass himself by showing everybody a lousy, difficult demo of a game he was working on when he started SPG, Kyle's Bogus Journey! Oh and SP Smash, SP X-Men, SP Football, Stan Pet and Scream in SP!

WonkyGaming Livestream #4

Join us as IngramJ plays through Scott/BigBonedUK/Yami's smash hit South Park Y/SPY 2 and finds out the hard way that newer computer running systems making the levels impossible by running at 1000mph! Followed by some Planet of Cartmans 2 gameplay.

WonkyGaming Livestream #5

An absolute marathon of a livestream, clocking in at 5 hours, join IngramJ as he sets the livestream precedent with a week's worth of booze in one night and some of the best SPGs out there, and some friends from other communities join us to watch!

WonkyGaming Livestream #6

Join us as IngramJ plays the Jamie Bailey SPGs, followed by some Zombie Blasting, a Halloween Kyle demo, Cocktails, Faster or Kenny is Dead and Friendly Fire!

WonkyGaming Livestream #6

WonkyGaming Livestream #7

WonkyGaming Livestream #8

Kennys Playthrough 

Kennys 2 Playthrough #1 

Kennys 2 Playthrough #2 

South Park 007 Goldeneye Playthrough 

Kenny's Quest Playthrough 

Grenade Fishin' 

Scream in South Park 

Zombie Park 1 & 2 

Halloween '99 

House of the Dead in South Park 

Zombie Park