Welcome to the Miscellaneous page of South Park Gaming. Here you will find a variety of assets including games and game-making tools. Most of these items were contributions made by members of the SPG community.

Click here to download a .zip containing a repository of over 300+ South Park fangames all at once! - 388MB


Get Killed

A non-South Park game by SPG member Pasta Warlock where you navigate around and try to avoid unavoidable death.

Download - 450KB


An adendum release of Tower of the Forsaken Jew 1987 featuring updated graphics and improved level designs.

Download - 36.9MB

Super Psycho Bros

An parody game by RFI involving a crazed Super Mario, weapons, and violence. Stick around for the money shot at the end!

Download - 6.9MB


Subwoofer Sprite Pack

The most popular sprites in the entire South Park Gaming community by member Subwoofer

Download - 9.44KB

Book of Sprites

A sprite pack from RFI

Download - 217KB

Beamer's Sprite Pack #3

The third spritesheet Beamer made. Contains large and small 4-directional sprites of Stan, Kyle, Kenny & Cartman; sprites of some members of the SPG community; gradient sprites of Stan, Cartman and Wendy; and frontal sprites of the Goth Kids.

Download - 227KB

IngramJ's Best Sprites #1

Contains large sprites of Sheila Brovlofski and Jimbo, diagonal and side tank sprites, large Satan, large sprite of Kyle in a car with a shotgun, a Visitor sprite, a sprite of IngramJ himself, and various plane/weapon sprites.

Download - 207KB

IngramJ's Best Sprites #2

Various South Park-style character and plane sprites from Ace Combat 5, Trapper Keeper sprites, realistic explosion/fire sprites, a flaming barrel, and large sprites of Timmy, Jimmy and Fluffy.

Download - 515KB

Chris Prillo Sprites

Contains small icons, also ideal for cursors of various South Park characters from kids, adults to animals.

Download - 79KB


RFI Sound Collection

A collection of WAV file sound effects created by RFI for use in your game projects.

Download - 1.35MB

Anguish - The Land of Stickmen 2 Soundtrack

An original theatrical soundtrack written for Wormmaster's unreleased game The Land of Stickmen 2. This would have been the first SPG game with a fully original soundtrack written in MP3 format.

Download Album - 16.7MB
Track 01 - Anguish
Track 02 - Battle
Track 03 - Caverns
Track 04 - Charge
Track 05 - Credits
Track 06 - Introduction
Track 07 - Reflection
Track 08 - Reprise
Track 09 - Ressurrection
Track 10 - Safety
Track 11 - Stealth
Track 12 - Urban
Track 13 - Woods