Welcome to our Links page of South Park Gaming. Here you will find websites of those who have helped make this community come to life, links to websites of neighboring communities with similar endeavors, and a lot of the old homepages from a previous era that have been archived on the Wayback Machine.



An archive of games and applications made using Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion and Clickteam Fusion. Kliktopia is the biggest archive or freeware games made using Clickteam/Europress software. They actively work to historically archive more games every day!

Big Al Games

Big Al's Website

Big Al is one of our fellow game makers and part of the Kliktopia community. On his website, he hosts his games for free for all to play.

Caiman Games

Caiman Games

A gaming website hosting hundreds, if not thousands of freeware games, with various programmes, including Clickteam software. Many Click games, and even some SPGs can be found here.

-Old Links-

This is an archived copy of SPGArchives, one of the first major hubs for the SPG community. Of all archived SPG websites available on the WayBack Machine, the forum on this site is the most intact. We have been able to find many old members utilizing the forum posts.

Spgarchives Forums

This is the defacto era on which our SouthParkGaming website is built. Man of our old friends can be found in this forum and it's been a very useful tool to help us find old members and rebuild the once-great community!

Spgarchives Forums (Lo-fi Version)

The Low-Fidelity version of the original South Park Gaming Archives forum is the most intact version that was captured on the Wayback Machine at This is one of the best resources for viewing old threads.

South Park Games was the last major hub for South Park Gaming before the community met it's end in the 2009/2010 era. We thank Adam Parker "Ry4" for keeping the community alive during that final stretch. Adam, if you're reading this, ya bastard, please join your old friends on our discord.

South-Park-Games Forums

Adam also owned , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and That's a lot of fucking domain names, dude. But I've listed them in case you ever get bored and decide to google yourself. Hopefully that decision brings you to us.

Beamer Games Online

Beamer was the most dedicated member of the SPG community and remained a primary Administrator throughout most of it's existance. This is his website where he hosted most of his content while also managing to live a completely compartmentalized second-life in the Sonic Fan Game community of which most of us did not know about and, who knows, he may have been a major admin in that community too. Come home, Beamer.

South Park Cows

Another awesome hub for all things South Park back in the late 90s. They had all kinds of stuff!

Yami Scott or BigBonedUK never owned an actual website and apparently this link would direct people to porn as a joke.

Just South of South park

This is the original website of Chris Parilo. Chris is an old school tech enthusiast and has gained some fame on the internet and Tech TV. He was one of the first contributors of South Park icons which people could use on their Windows computers.

RFI was one of the admins of the SPG community around 2006 during the final years. He released 6 South Park games and multiple demos of unfinished works. His website was designed to host his games as well as showcase some of his hobbies. (Smiley Town Arcade)

Games dot Lambtron is actually Smiley Town Arcade which was the precursor hub to SPGarchives. At some point in it's life, it was the largest archive of known South Park games!

Smiley Town Arcade Forums

This is the forum for Smiley Town Arcade just before they switched to using the SPG Archives forums.

Another awesome hub for all things South Park back in the late 90s. They had all kinds of stuff!

This website belonged to Bruno AFH. Our old pal Alexander Franklin Harmon was the creator of many South Park games included the Mega Kid series and many awesome MIDIs. Alex, if you find this, hit us up on Discord, kike.

Mr Hat's HellHole

The Hell Hole was the first major hub for all things South Park. It predates Comedy Central as far as interactive content goes. Unfortunately, the Hell Hole disbanded in the early 2000s.

klaptrap25's Website

Klaptrap was some asshole from New York who was well-respected as mod of the SPG community. If you are reading this, come join us on discord.

Fleming's South Park Downloads (Archived)

Fleming was one of the game-makers from back in early 1999. He made Kenny's Island and his website was part of the Top 69 South Park websites web ring.

Brandon's South Park Games

Brandon Haines was one of our guys back in the day. Here is his website with all kinds of content! Maybe he'll get pissed when we list his old email address or maybe he'll be happy when he decides to google it on a drunken nostalgic night: Bro, find us on discord. You old pals: The SPG fags.